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Zhuoran Wang

We were all children, were we not? We all saw the world with our own unique eyes, without judgments or tensions once upon a time. Back then, we had a world that was filled with colors and fantasies. However, as time flows, we are no longer children, and we accept that truth. We try to learn, we try to live, and we try to thrive. We try our best to do everything, knowing that we are not yet our best selves. But, we lose our fantasies and dreams. We forget how once upon a time the world was a part of our fairy tales.


Photography is lights and shadow. It's colors. It's perspectives. But, what gives photography its true value is its viewers. Whenever there is one more viewer, there is one more story told from that photo.


Try to find your story behind the photos, and find that child - the one that was pure, happy, and never afraid to dream.

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