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Vera Mihailidis

In my photography project, I wanted to go deep into the difficult topic of body image and try to tap into the grittiness of the insecurities of a young teenage girl in the 21st century. My attempt is to give an idea of what others go through, so people will not feel alone. It is something that is hard to show in many art forms. In each shot I took for class I tried to make it somehow different but still surrounded by the same theme of body image. Something so small could have an impact on others and speak to them in such a way, so that they know there is someone else who is struggling. It is a series that could affect many others and could give them something to think about even after seeing the images.


This project put me in a state of vulnerability - of putting the insecurities that I have in front of the camera for people to see. But sometimes putting ourselves out there might help others. And that's what I hope my project accomplishes - being able to help others and open conversations on insecurities. Having a conversation on hard topics is something that is able to bring us closer as a society. This might bring us closer to a point where people aren’t insecure about things. 

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