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Meet our team of educators. The Revolution Me Media Arts volunteer teachers have a strong background in media arts and education. 

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Jessica Alva

Design Teacher 

For over 10 years Jessica Alva has studied and worked in graphic design and photography. She has multiple degrees in computer art, animation, design and photography. Though she has always loved art, after her move from Florida to New York in 2013, she dedicated her time to media arts where her passion, love and commitment for the field come through her art as well as her ability to teach others. She combines her graphic design, photography and fine art skills to make work that everyone can enjoy.

A.A. Computer Art and Animation

A.S. Animation Art & Design

B.F.A. Computer Art

M.F.A. Photography

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Rodney F. James

 Photography Teacher

Community youth-based art programming has always been an endeavor dear to Brooklyn media artist Rodney James’ heart. His personal experience growing up did not afford such opportunities of introduction to the arts as a way to express self and community. It was his first-ever undergraduate photography class that revealed to him the power of the camera as a tool of exploration. At that moment, he made a promise to himself to work towards providing an opportunity for the youth in his community to not only be introduced to the creative world - but to also show how powerful a tool art can be for change in both their personal lives and the world at large.

With experience teaching both youth and adults in the field of photography over the years, he is excited to embrace the opportunity to join forces with Revolution Me Media Labs, embarking on their mission to create and provide young adults with viable long-lasting skills within the media arts.

Media Arts B.A.

Photography M.F.A.

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Diana Abousaleh

Screenwriting Teacher 

Diana Abousaleh
 is a Syrian-Venezuelan creative, mental health advocate, and educator. She holds a degree in Radio/TV/Film from the University of Texas At Austin as well as a Master’s in Entertainment Business.  During her last semester at UT, she lived in LA for a few months and interned for Televisa USA. Following graduation, she moved to Santiago, Chile to teach Business English to adults while working as a freelance script reader/analyst for several production companies. She has been writing for over eight years, and through her stories, she hopes to bridge a much-needed cultural gap. Recently, she participated in the Cinephilia Productions' Film Development Workroom for Middle Eastern filmmakers. 


Her diversity of life experiences enriches her writing and drives the complexities in her characters and their journeys. One of her favorite things about storytelling is the ability to make interior life visible, and also show that exterior life can be worth a second look. She is currently working on her Texas teacher certification while working as an English as a Second Language (ESL) coordinator at a school.


Kristi Gatto

RMF Podcast Producer  & Visual Communication Teacher

Kristi is a storyteller that works with a wide variety of mediums. She is a filmmaker, photographer, and podcaster.  She tells stories in stills, motion, and words. She is an entrepreneur who created her own film production business in 2013 which creates and presents meaningful and necessary content. She brings attention to topics that are not always in the spotlight. Her directing and editing projects have amassed over 583,000 views across platforms. 

With over eleven years of experience in the entertainment industry, she also values education just as much She continues to tell stories through her creativity and passions.

Kristi holds M.A. in Film and Television Production and a B.A. Degree in Music. She is currently enrolled as a Ph.D. student studying Media and Communication.


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Charulata L. Dyal

Media Lab Director & Teacher

Born in New York City and raised most of her life in Brooklyn, Charulata has always had a solid foundation in media arts and creative writing. Inspired by the diverse culture in which she was raised, her work has become an expression and celebration of differences.

Growing up she had loved film so much, she would go to the library to teach herself how to write screenplays. After graduating high school, she starting working in the N.Y.C. independent film scene. Charulata began working various jobs in the industry.  She did everything from scaling film equipment up city buildings, lighting, production assisting, or just finding a specific brand of orange juice for the talent. It wasn’t until college that she also discovered her passion for photography. 

Outside of her own projects, she continues to write, as well as work with other artists and filmmakers.  Charulata has taught media and art classes to kids and adults of all ages. Combining her teaching and media art backgrounds, she -partnered with Revolution Me Festivals and founded  Revolution Me Media Lab. Her goal is to give young adults access to the creative world she had longed for as a teenager in East New York. 


Journalism, B.A. 

Creative Writing, M.F.A.

Media Arts, M.F.A.

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