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Revolution Me Media Labs is a non-profit organization offering media art programs in disciplines such as s photography, screenwriting, and filmmaking. Our mobile media lab sends professional teaching artists to students, allowing them to explore their creative expression in an established, safe space. We first started in the Fall of 2021 online during the pandemic. and then in-person. Through partnerships and community organizing, RMML aims to make media arts education accessible to teens.


Mission Statement

Revolution Me Media Lab taps into the creativity of teens and young adults by providing access to tools and education for self-expression. Through instruction delivered by artists and working professionals, students explore photography, film, and other artistic disciplines to develop personal and learn to tell their stories.

Philosophy & Principles

Revolution Me Media Lab is a not-for-profit after-school media arts program that works with schools and community organizations. We are grounded in the belief that education is for all. We are committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community where ALL individuals are respected, valued, and given opportunities to thrive. We recognize our RM community's rich tapestry of experiences, perspectives, backgrounds, and identities. We invite you to explore this page to learn more about the philosophy and strategies applied to our program and how we work as a community and to review our commitment to ensuring diversity, equality, and inclusivity.

DEI Statement

Revolution Me Film and Revolution Media Lab are commited to provide program and foster community built on diversity, equality, and inclunsion. Our programs were  developled to be a platform for all by giving access to all. 

Our Commitment to Diversity:

Revolution Me Film and Revolution Media Labs celebrates the diversity of the community and strives to reflect it in our program's community. Our program is for people of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and other characteristics that make each person unique.


Our Commitment to Equity:

Revolution Me Film and Revolution Media Lab is dedicated to creating an equitable environment that ensures everyone has access to the resources, opportunities, and support they need to succeed. We are committed to identifying and addressing systemic barriers that may impede access to our programs.


Our Commitment to Inclusion:

Inclusivity is at the heart of RM and its community. We foster an inclusive culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging, is heard, and is valued. The foundation of our program is to create spaces where diverse perspectives are welcomed and respected. 


Our Actions:

  • We actively recruit and support a diverse staff and ensure equitable access to leadership roles.

  • Our curriculum program is cultural, which reflects the experiences of the communities we serve.

  • We promote open and honest dialogue around diversity and inclusion to foster understanding and empathy.

  • We continually evaluate our policies, practices, and programs to identify and rectify any biases or inequities as a community. 




Revolution Me holds ourselves accountable for bringing these commitments into action in all we do. We regularly assess our progress and check in with community members to ensure our values are not just aligned but the driving force. Through these efforts, we prioritize ensuring that RM’s programs remain a place of diversity, equity, and inclusion for all.

Your Role:


We invite students, family members, teaching artists, team members, or supporters to join us in upholding this commitment. Your active participation in our DEI initiatives and insights are integral to our success.

At RM, actively work to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion to be the framework for our program to enrich our educational experiences, empower our community, and drive positive change for the future.

Meet the Revolution Media Lab Team 

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